Energetic and young, KARIE is a Post-Grunge / Hard Rock band hailing from Toledo, Ohio. KARIE's music is influenced by Tool, Seether, Smashing Pumpkins, Chevelle and many other bands.

KARIE first started in 2018 with a lineup consisting of Stefan Orozco on guitar and vocals, Jaran Baughey on the drums and Sebastian Briseno on the bass. Since their first show in 2018 KARIE has blossomed into a serious rock band in the Toledo area playing with national acts including EVE TO ADAM, Superbob, HED PE, Makari, Boys Of Fall, Stitched Up Heart, Wilson, Through Fire, Like A Storm, and Flaw. KARIE currently has released four singles, two on Spotify and Apple Music  - "Mime" and "If I Was You" and two on Sound Cloud - "Another Familiar Face" and "Fly". 

   The boys recently just set out to Sacramento, California to record and have three songs produced by Brian Wheat of the legendary rock band Tesla. They plan to be released throughout 2020.


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