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What has KARIE been up to?

Hello all!

This has been a very tough time for all of us with COVID cancelling virtually every show around the world. But with that being said the three of us have been keeping very busy behind the scenes.

As most of you recall, back in December of 2019 KARIE decided to take the next step by working with a record label in Sacramento, California, J Street Entertainment. J Street is owned and operated by Brian Wheat, the bass player of the legendary 80's rock band TESLA. KARIE recorded three of our originals with Brian producing our music. The work and creative relationship between KARIE and Brian was very collaborative and productive to say the least.

As the months went on after their visit to Sacramento, they kept in touch with Brian about coming back and finishing a full length EP. Brian loved the idea and encouraged the boys to create more material. Once they came up with some ideas to, they went back to Brian's house and fully composed the songs so they would be ready to record in the studio.

The boys are more than excited to announce they will record the first full length KARIE EP from July 20th-27th under J Street Entertainment, and produced by the extremely talented and well respected Brian Wheat. We are extremely grateful to be surrounded by people who want to see us succeed, not just the people at the J, but our family, friends and our friends in other bands. If you haven't already, check us out on our social media platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook Ect.). You all rock! Thank you for tuning in.

-Stefan, Sebas & Jaran

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